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7 Restaurant City Tools That Will Help

Restaurant City is a popular game on Facebook in which participants collect ingredients in order to prepare various dishes in order to build a smashingly successful restaurant. There are currently 28 Restaurant City tools that can be used to make the game easier. Following is a brief synopsis of some of these tools, including what they can be used for.

Restaurant City Tools v5.1

This is the basic Help Generator used for the game. It is deemed the “ultimate tool’ as an all-in-one helper that can help players gain more money and gourmet points, and also includes “rubbish’ and “supersonic” shortcuts.

Piaip’s Restaurant City v1.09

This is an alternate to the v5.1 tool that is easier to use than v5.1 above. This tool allows the user to make money or coins much faster than is normally possible.

RC Tools Online Version 5.21 For Flash Player 10

This tool can be used by players who use the Firefox browser and have Flash Player 10. The user will also have to download Help Engine 5.5 prior to using this tool. After these requirements are met, this tool will give the player access to a Stamina helper while also allowing them to cook faster, serve and bill the customer faster, work faster, and use the toilet. Version 5.2 is also available for those who have Flash Player 9.

Restaurant City Flash Uninstaller

Adobe’s Flash Player has been known to have problems every now and then. This tool will enable the user to easily and quickly uninstall the application. There are many common problems that can be corrected by simply uninstalling and then reinstalling the Flash Player.

Restaurant City Coin-O-Matic Generator

This handy and powerful tool that can help increase your bankroll. This can be accessed by copying a code into the help engine that will render monetary results. By hitting Control plus A once the results are given and pasting them into the Help Engine the Coin-O-Matic Generator will be activated.

Restaurant City Get RC Trophy v1.0

This is a tool that can be accessed to allow the player to make their trophies Gold. This will allow easier completion of missions. Users should be aware, however, not to use this tool for Dishes as some users have complained that it crashed their browser when used in this way.

Quiz Helper v2.2

This is one of the more helpful Restaurant City tools, as it can be used for answering quiz questions. It will supply questions and answers that the player will need to complete daily quizzes. Correct answers result in more money and thus the ability to make Level 10 menu items and buy luxury items for your restaurant.


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